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How Hamster Helps Investors

Deal Flow

The world is witnessing a technological boom unseen before. What this means for you as an investor is an inbox packed with pitches. Sorting through hundreds of pitches a week is not only time-consuming but often yield little results. As every savvy investor knows, the good match is at the centre of every great investment.

At Hamster, we are leveraging precisely that. Using cutting-edge AI technology, we are sorting through the investment opportunities for you and matching you with the ones that fit your needs best, based on a laser-focused 14 criteria.

And because we recognize that the great idea doesn’t wait for anyone, our DealFlow algorithm performs this check every single day. Our quality DealFlow sorts through all investment opportunities in a continuous and structured way. Every day we receive a new pitch or a new start-up joins our platform.

Additionally, we provide investor-specific services including due diligence and KYC process for start-ups. This way, we ensure you only get access to serious, high quality investment opportunities and realise dramatic returns on your investment.

Why use Hamster?

We are a technology platform focussed on connecting smart, savvy entrepreneurs with seasoned and experienced investors to bring projects to life and help businesses grow.

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Deal Flow Manager

As an investor, you receive many pitches per week. Why waste time and resources running on the hamster wheel sorting out hundreds of pitches per week? Hamster will take over your entire deaflow and recurring work auditing pitches from start-ups. We offer you a SaaS solution that helps funnel the pitches you receive through our matching engine and brings you only the most qualified matches.

How we do this?

Every time you receive a pitch, it automatically goes into our AI-algorithm. The Hamster engine will check the pitch against your investment criteria. Rather than spamming you with subpar opportunities, we will only send you the pitches that truly interest you.

No need to worry about getting back to potential start-ups. Hamster will also send a polite email to pitches that don’t make the cut to inform them that they were regretfully not a match to your investment criteria.

LP Flow

Are you a venture capitalist looking for investments in your VC Fund? Or perhaps you're a family office, HNWI or institutional investor looking for quality investment opportunities in Venture Capital Funds?

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